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Welcome to UNM Online Course Evaluations!

Course Feedback is the campus-wide service used by Students to provide mid-semester, and end-of-semester, feedback on Instructors and courses! The Course Feedback website is your tool for finding the answers to questions regarding this service.

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Instructor added questions

Custom Question functionality is available for Instructors to create and assign questions to their courses. Custom Question tutorials and "How To" information are available in the EvaluationKIT application online help section by logging into EvaluationKIT and clicking on the  link at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Note: Instructors have a limited time to enter Custom Questions, i.e., approximately two weeks prior to the Student survey start date.

UNM, College, and Department-Wide Questions

There are four (4) mandatory UNM-Wide questions, which are automatically incorporated into all Student surveys. Departments, and Colleges, may add custom questions to Student surveys as well. 

It is the Instructor's responsibility to familiarize themselves with the UNM-Wide questions and any respective College, or Department-wide questions, so that they can avoid creating similar or repetitive questions.

Where to find UNM, College, and Department-Wide Questions

The four UNM-Wide questions, along with all College and Department-Wide questions, are posted under the "Surveys and Reports" tab located in the main menu of the Course Feedback website. The four UNM-Wide questions can also be found in the Pre-survey Announcements emailed to Instructors. Because some Colleges and Departments have been provisioned to incorporate their own questions without needing our assistance, these questions must be obtained by contacting the Department/College Administrator.

Low Response Rates and Low Enrollment

The Course Feedback service is now provisioning Student surveys for courses with less than 3 Students, unless directed otherwise by the Departmental Administrator, or Instructor. However, this poses an issue regarding report access because a course evaluation must receive a minimum of three Student responses in order for a report to be produced, according to UNM guidelines, and application restrictions, that protect Student anonymity. The only option for Instructors to obtain data in these instances, when the response rate is less than three, is to aggregate reports. Aggregating reports can only occur for same/similar courses, and must be requested by the Instructor or authorized UNM personnel.

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UNM-Wide Questions

Help With Course Feedback

If you have any questions, please reference the information provided in the various menu options of the Course Feedback website. You can also refer to the  in the top right-hand corner in the EvaluationKIT application, which contains various video tutorials and articles. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact the Course Feedback Support Team by opening a ticket via Help.UNM or by calling (505) 277-5757. Contacting your Department Administrator is a good option as well, because the Course Feedback Support Team works closely with most Departmental Administrators in provisioning this service and validating the accuracy of Banner data.

Where to get IDEA reports

All of UNM is now using the Course Feedback service, and UNM's IDEA service has been demised. However, IDEA reports are archived, and can be accessed by contacting the Course Feedback Support Team, via Help.UNM or (505) 277-5757.