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Logging in can be accomplished using two methods.  

Method 1

  1. Click on the EvaluationKIT icon located below. This icon is also located in the footer of the Course Feedback's website pages, as well as the Course Feedback Homepage. 

  1. Use your UNM NetID and password to login. 

Method 2

  1. Login to Blackboard Learn at using your UNM NetID and password. 

  1. Click on link located under the "Course Evaluations" box on the lower right hand side of the page. (See image below) 

Need an account? 


Students do not need to create accounts, as all Student information is extracted from Banner. Therefore, Students are automatically set up with an account if they are registered for courses. However, Students who enroll in courses outside of the dates when student information is extracted from Banner will need to submit a request for an account to be created for them by the Course Feedback Support Team.


Faculty do not need to create accounts, as all Faculty information is extracted from Banner. However, Banner data does not signify co-instructor assignments for courses, so the Course Feedback Support Team needs to be informed if there are multiple Instructors teaching the same course so that accounts can be made for them if necessary.

Department Administrators

Unlike Faculty and Students who's information is extracted from Banner, Administrator information must be obtained upon request. The Course Feedback Support Team generally documents the most current Administrator information for each Department, however, due to failed correspondence, some Departments have no assigned Administrator. If an established Administrator is replaced for a Department, the Course Feedback Support Team must be informed by either the new Administrator or the Department's Chair in order to create a new account for the oncoming Administrator.  

To request an account 

Please contact the Course Feedback Support Team by opening a ticket via Help.UNM or calling (505) 277-5757 to request an account. 

*You will receive a confirmation once your account has been created.