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Department Administrator Roles

Once an EvaluationKIT account has been provisioned for either a Department orCollege Administrator, Program Coordinator, Dean orChair, there are various account roles that can be assigned. These roles are listed below, and may not be automatically provisioned without written approval from the Department Chair. The approval must be submitted, via email,to the Course Feedback Support Team 

  • Survey Administrator- This role only permits a userto author Student surveys. This role does not allow a user to assigncreated surveys to specific courses. Surveys created by a Survey Administrator must be assigned to courses by the Course Feedback Support Team at the approval, and request, of the Chair. This role may be useful for departments to create Departmental-wide Student surveys 

  • Report Administrator- This role permits a user to access course evaluationreports for their respective department. 

  • Custom Question Administrator- This role permits a user to author and assign custom questions to their department or college's course evaluation surveys. 

  • Course Administrator- This role permits a user to manage course and enrollment information in a project.  

  • Custom Question Monitoring Administrator- This role permits a user to view custom question surveys that are associated to their departmental courses. For example, this role would allow Department Administrators to view the custom questions created by their Faculty. 

  • Results Monitoring Administrator- This role permits a user to monitor when Faculty access their course evaluation reports, and send their Faculty email reminders through the EvaluationKIT application