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Responsibilities of Department Administrators 

Administrators are the first point of contact regarding most functions and data for the Course Feedback service (such as course and user data, evaluation dates, and Department/College-wide questions). Therefore, one of the primary responsibilities that Administrators have is to maintain frequent and efficient communication with the Course Feedback Support Team because unanticipated issues arise every semester. The Course Feedback Support Team relies on Administrators to help resolve these issues  

Before or at the Start of the Semester  

Your Department should ensure that:

  • Administrator responsibilities, resources, and available roles are thoroughly established and utilized. This information can be found in the Department Administrators and FAQ sections of the Course Feedback website as well as through the  in the top right-hand corner of the EvaluationKIT application.   

  • All evaluation reports were obtained, and reviewed, from the prior semester. 

  • Dean, Chair, and Administrator accounts have been created. By default, accounts are automatically created for Instructors who have courses defined in the EvaluationKIT application. 

  • Any Administrator accounts are removed, or added, due to employee hiring/departure or reassignment? 

  • Departmental custom questions have been vetted and either created internally by the Department Administrator, or sent to the Course Feedback Support Team to be reviewed and created in the EvaluationKIT application on behalf of the Department. 

Start of Classes 

The Course Feedback Support Team, who hosts the Course Feedback service for UNM, needs to know:

  • Which courses and Instructors will be evaluated for the current semester using the Course Feedback service. The Course Feedback Support Team will send an excel spreadsheet containing course and Instructor data for the semester which Administrators need to edit and confirm before uploading into EvlauationKIT. A detailed corresponding email will explain exactly how this process should be completed.


  • Mid-semester course evaluations must be requested by each Department at the start of each semester. Mid-course evaluation surveys will be released to students at the same approximate time as 1H (first half) course evaluations, i.e., approximately 7 weeks into the fall and spring semesters, and 3 weeks into the summer session.   

Before Finals 

  • Evaluation surveys will be emailed to students at the end of each semester two weeks prior to the start of finals week, and one week prior to the end of 1st 8 week (1H) classes. All other variations of survey release/close dates must be requested one month in advance by contacting the Course Feedback Support Team. 

  • All UNM surveys will consist of four initial University-Wide questions that have been approved by the Provost and Faculty Senate. In addition, your College or Department may choose to insert a set of mandatory questions in each student survey for students within your area. Also, Faculty have the option of adding custom questions as well. Note: All Departmental or custom survey questions must be added prior to the release of Student surveys by either Faculty, or Departmental Administrators who have been given access. 

  • Students will have until the beginning of finals week to complete course evaluation surveys unless requested otherwise by Departmental Administrators or Faculty. 

  • During the survey period, Students and Instructors will receive automated emails concerning their evaluations from the EvaluationKIT application on behalf of the Course Feedback Support Team.  

  • Reports that contain less than three Student responses are not accessible based on University guidelines that protect Student anonymity. However, upon request, reports with less than three Student responses can be aggregated across semesters or with same/similar courses, so that response data can be obtained without sacrificing student anonymity. 

  • Generally, all ITV child classes will automatically be rolled up into each parent ITV course for each Instructor and same subject/course number. 

  • Due to the complex nature of Banner data, requests to combine cross listed and low enrollment courses must be evaluated on an individual basis. This request must be submitted to the Course Feedback Support Team. 

End of Semester

  • The general time frame for releasingreports is two weeks after the course has completed. By default, Instructors have access to all reports for all courses they are enrolled in as the Instructor. Administrators, Chairs, and Deans must request the creation of an account in order to access Departmental reports (which is subject to Departmental policy). 

  • After you login to the EvaluationKIT application, if you are a Departmental Administrator, make sure your role shows "Administrator" in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, click on the "Results" tab, which is located on the top-middle section of your browser window. Next, select "Instructor Results." From there you can click on the down arrow link, which is just under the "View" column, lower right hand side of the screen, to view/produce reports. 

  • You can also click on the  in the top right-hand corner of the EvaluationKIT application which will allow you to access online videos/tutorials and other online documentation that will assist you in taking advantage of all the features that the EvaluationKITapplication has to offer.