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Administrator FAQ's

When do course evaluations occur?

Course evaluations usually occur during the last two weeks of the instruction period for full term courses, and courses with a duration of four weeks or longer. Courses with a duration between two and four weeks will receive their evaluations during the last week of the instruction period. Courses with a duration of less than two weeks will receive their evaluations during the last week and the week following the last day of the instruction period.

Do Administrators need to create accounts?

Yes. Unlike faculty and students who's information is extracted from banner, Administrator information must be obtained upon request. The Course Feedback Support Team generally documents the most current Administrator information for each department, however, due to failed correspondence, some departments have no assigned Administrator. If an established Administrator is replaced for a department, the Course Feedback Support Team must be informed by either the new Administrator or the Department Chair in order to create a new account for the oncoming Administrator.

Can Department, Program, or College Administrators add custom questions?

Yes. Administrators can add custom questions to surveys through the Course Feedback service. 

Do Administrators have the ability to edit courses, instructors, or dates and manage projects through the Course Feedback service for their department or college?

With permission from the Department Chair, an Administrator may be given the ability to manage projects for their department through the Course Feedback service. 

What do I need to do with course data worksheets that are sent to me by the Course Feedback Support Team?

The corresponding email should have a thorough explanation of everything that needs to be acknowledged and accomplished with the worksheets.  

Why do I need to keep in contact with the Course Feedback Support Team?

Administrators are the first point of contact regarding most functions and data in the Course Feedback service (such as course and user data, evaluation dates, and department/college-wide questions). Therefore, one of the primary responsibilities that Administrators have is to maintain frequent and efficient communication with the Course Feedback Support Team because unanticipated issues arise every semester, and the Course Feedback Support Team relies on Administrators to help resolve these issues 

Are Administrators automatically given access to faculty results?

No. The Faculty Handbook does not currently contain policies that address the topic of Administrator access to faculty course evaluation results for the new course evaluation tool, EvaluationKIT. Administrators must obtain permission from their faculty as well as their Department Chair in order to view their Faculty's reports. After which, this permission must be verified and approved of by the Course Feedback Support Team.  

When are Administrators able to access their faculty's results?

Administrators will not be given access to their faculty's course evaluation results until after final grades are due. To maximize the probability that final grades are submitted before reports become accessible, Administrator report access dates shall be no less than two weeks after the end of the final examination period for all courses on the same schedule, or after the last day of the instruction period if no final examination period is defined.  

How do Administrators view Faculty reports?

1. Log into the EvaluationKIT application.

2. After logging into EvaluationKIT, click on the "Results" tab, which is located in the main menu at the top of your browser window.

3. Next, select either "Instructor Results" to organize and search for reports based on instructor OR "Project Results" to organize and search for reports based on project.

Note: Further help with reporting can be obtained by clicking on the  in the top right-hand corner of your browser window.

Why am I not able to access my Faculty's reports?

You may not be able to access your Faculty's reports for several reasons: 

  1. You do not have permission to access your Fculty's reports.

  1. You are trying to access your Faculty's reports prior to the date set for them to become available.   

  2. The response rate did not meet the required threshold of three student respondents.

  3. The course was not evaluated using the Course Feedback service.

  4. The Faculty assignments are incorrect.

In contrast to previous semesters, the Course Feedback service is now provisioning student surveys for courses with less than 3 students, unless directed otherwise by the department Administrator or Instructor. This must be done in order to provide all students with an equal opportunity to provide feedback for their courses. However, this poses an issue regarding report attainment because a course evaluation must receive a minimum of three student responses in order for a report to be produced to protect student anonymity per UNM policy. The only option in situations such as these is to aggregate reports. Aggregated reports can combine course evaluation data for same/similar courses which is applicable across multiple semesters. Aggregated reports are only created upon request by contacting the Course Feedback Support Team. 

How does the Course Feedback service at UNM help to increase response rates?

A common concern about online surveys is low response rates. UNM-wide IDEA response rates were approximately 70% during 2012 - 2013. That will serve as the baseline for measuring response rate success or failure of Course Feedback at UNM. The Course Feedback Support Team will monitor response rates and adjust practices as needed to ensure that they meet or exceed the baseline.

Practices that have worked elsewhere to ensure adequate response rates include:

  • Survey administration
    • Open survey window of days to weeks
    • Administering surveys during face-to-face class periods (students can use a laptop, tablet, or cell phone)
    • Monitoring response rates and intervening as needed

  • Direct request
    • Face-to-face and/or email request from the instructor — Most effective practice!

    • Automatic reminders via email, text message, etc.

  • Rewards
    • Survey response counts as low-stakes quiz grade

    • Survey response earns extra credit

  •  Additional methods that could be considered if the methods above are insufficient
    • Drawing or contest entry

    • Early release of final grades for students who complete surveys

    • Delayed release of final grades for students who don't complete surveys