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General FAQ's

What happened to IDEA?

The IDEA course evaluation service has been replaced with the Course Feedback service.

Why did UNM replace IDEA with Course Feedback?

IDEA has been replaced to achieve these goals:

· Increase use of and usability of student feedback for formative and summative purposes.

· Greater flexibility in survey content and administration.

· Online and mobile survey capabilities.

· Improved reporting.

· Support for data extraction and analytics.

What benefits are expected from Course Feedback?

The following benefits are expected:

· More flexible survey content and administration.

· Online survey administration, completion, and reporting.

· Easier-to-understand reports and better access to survey data and reports.

· Lower cost and reduce administrative overhead.

· Elimination of "paper shuffling."

How did we arrive here, what was the process?

The Course Feedback service, and EvaluationKIT application was chosen with an RFP process by a working group composed of representatives from the Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs, student organizations, and IT Services. The EvaluationKIT application is a modern Web-based system that provides needed survey functionality, and flexible survey content/administration.

Will paper surveys still be supported?

No, but all IDEA reports are archived, and can be accessed by the Course Feedback Support Team. Please contact the Course Feedback Support Team by opening a request at Help.UNM or calling (505) 277-5757.

How does the Course Feedback service at UNM help to increase response rates?

A common concern about online surveys is low response rates. UNM-wide IDEA response rates were approximately 70% during 2012 - 2013. That will serve as the baseline for measuring response rate success or failure of Course Feedback at UNM. The Course Feedback Support Team will monitor response rates and adjust practices as needed to ensure that they meet or exceed the baseline.

Practices that have worked elsewhere to ensure adequate response rates include:

  • Survey administration
    • Open survey window of days to weeks
    • Administering surveys during face-to-face class periods (students can use a laptop, tablet, or cell phone)
    • Monitoring response rates and intervening as needed

  • Direct request
    • Face-to-face and/or email request from the instructor — Most effective practice!

    • Automatic reminders via email, text message, etc.

  • Rewards
    • Survey response counts as low-stakes quiz grade

    • Survey response earns extra credit

  •  Additional methods that could be considered if the methods above are insufficient
    • Drawing or contest entry

    • Early release of final grades for students who complete surveys

    • Delayed release of final grades for students who don't complete surveys

Who should I contact if I have questions, concerns, or requests?

Contact the Course Feedback Support Team for all service related issues, and contact your Department Administrator for any departmental related course evaluation issues.

How to contact the Course Feedback Support Team:

  • Submit a ticket through Help.UNM or call Customer Support Services, (505) 277-5757.   

  • Email Classroom Technologies,, or call (505) 925-0607.