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Student FAQ's

How will I know if there are any open surveys for me to complete, and where do I complete them?

Students receive an email invitation from the Course Feedback Support Team for each course that they are enrolled in that is utilizing the Course Feedback service which contains all the information students need to know about their course evaluations, and when to complete them. These email invitations will be sent when course evaluations commence — usually during the last two or three weeks of class. Students also receive reminder emails every few days if they haven't completed all of their course evaluations. *Note: students do not have the option to opt out of receiving reminder emails.

Students can access their evaluations three ways:  

1. Use the link provided in the emails sent to them from

2. Use the links found in the "Course Evaluations" section on the Blackboard Learn home page.

3. Use the link on the Homepage as well as the footer of the Course Feedback website.

Do I need to create an account in order to complete a survey?

Students do not need to create accounts, as all student information is extracted from Banner. Therefore, students are automatically set up with an account if they are registered for coursesHowever, students who enroll in course outside of the dates when student information is extracted from banner will need to submit a request for an account to be created for them by the Course Feedback Support Team.   

If you access your survey through Blackboard Learn you do not need to sign in. In cases where a sign in is required, you use your UNM NetID and password. 

Why can't I access my course evaluation surveys?
  1. Your course evaluations may have ended --> check the survey End Date in your invitation emailed to you from 

  1. Your course is not being evaluated --> You did not receive an invitation, ask your instructor 

  1. You are not enrolled in the course in EvaluationKIT --> contact instructor

If I have to log in are my answers truly anonymous?

A login is required so that the software can determine the courses you need to evaluate. Your survey responses are stored without any of your identifying information. 

Will anyone know how long it took me to complete a survey?


Can I take my evaluations after the course is closed?

The only way to take course evaluations after the course is closed is to get an extension. In order to get an extension you will have to make a request to your instructor who will then contact the Department Chair and/or the Course Feedback Support Team to get permission to extend the course Evauation. The extension will affect the entire department not just one class. 

Can I edit an evaluation I already submitted?

No. Once you submit a course evaluation, there is no way to edit your response.

Will my answers be lost if I stop in the middle of the evaluation?

Yes. After you start your course evaluation, you must complete it in one sitting

My instructor is giving extra credit for completing my course evaluation. How do I prove that I completed my course evaluation survey?

Forward your Certificate of Completion that you received via email after completing your course evaluation survey to your instructor. DO NOT send your Certificate of Completion to the Course Feedback email, or your instructor will not receive your Certificate of Completion.  

What happens if I lose my Certificate of Completion?

The EvaluationKIT application only generates a single Certificate of Completion per student per course. If your professor requires you to provide proof that you've completed your course evaluation, then you need to inform the Course Feedback Support Team. 

I have not received any emails concerning course evaluations?

Check the spam folder in your email. If you have not received any emails about course evaluations then the email on record may not be the correct one. Please submit a request to the Course Feedback Support Team. You may want to check to see if UNM has the correct email address on file, and change it if not. 

I keep getting emails to complete evaluations for a course that I'm no longer enrolled in?

Student enrollments are extracted from Banner and uploaded into the EvaluationKIT application late into the semester prior to when student surveys open. Thus, students who drop between the data extract/import date and the survey open or close date will be invited to complete surveys. If you are incorrectly enrolled in a course, please contact the Course Feedback Support Team.   

I no longer want to receive emails regarding course evaluations.

Unfortunately, students do not have the option to opt out of receiving emails regarding course evaluations. As long as a student is enrolled in a course that utilizes the Course Feedback service, they will automatically receive emails regarding course evaluations for that course.

Can I view previous course evaluation results for courses or instructors that I'm considering?

Although such information may be helpful in selecting a course or instructor, the Course Feedback service does not currently have the capacity to provide results specific to every course and/or instructor. 

Can I get a copy of the course evaluations that I've submitted?

No. Because student information is de-identified at the vendor level, no such function is available in the EvaluationKIT application. The only way to archive your specific response is by capturing screenshots before submitting your evaluations.