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Note to Students 

Student feedback is highly valued and extremely important! Student feedback provided through course evaluations is crucial in order for Faculty to improve their instruction as well as other aspects of their courses.  

The Course Feedback website is made available to you as a resource to answer questions, as well as direct you on how to obtain additional help.

Responsibilities of Students 

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the Course Feedback service, and hierarchy of responsibilities by navigating through the various sections of the Course Feedback website (especially the FAQs) as well as the information provided in the correspondence emails from the Course Feedback Support Team.

  • Thoroughly review all emails from the Course Feedback Support Team (

  • Be conscious of when course evaluations take place, and how to complete them.

  • Communicate all issues regarding course evaluations to the professor teaching the course before submitting queries to the Course Feedback Support Team.

Students do not need to do anything until they receive their invitation to complete course evaluations via email. 

Students receive an email invitation from the Course Feedback Support Team for each course that they are enrolled in that is utilizing the Course Feedback service. These email invitations will be sent when course evaluations commence — usually during the last two or three weeks of class. Students also receive reminder emails every few days if they haven't completed all of their course evaluations.

*Note: Students do not have the option to opt out of receiving reminder emails.