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What is Course Feedback?

Course Feedback is the campus-wide service used by Students to provide mid-semester and end-of-semester feedback on Instructors and courses.

Course Feedback utilizes EvaluationKIT which is a modern Web-based system that provides needed survey functionality, and flexible survey content/administration at a reasonable cost. EvaluationKIT was chosen with an RFP process to replace the old IDEA (Individual Development and Assessment) system by a working group composed of representatives from the Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs, Student organizations, and IT Services.

Vendor Website:

Why UNM has decided to use EvaluationKIT:

  • More flexible survey content and administration.
  • Online survey administration, completion, and reporting.
  • Easier-to-understand reports and better access to survey data and reports.
  • Lower cost and simpler administration.
  • Elimination of "paper shuffling."

A working group was formed to evaluate IDEA and (if needed) recommend a replacement. Ten Faculty members were included, mostly from the Faculty Senate and its standing committees. The group also included two Students, and two senior administrators. In Fall 2014 the working group was disbanded and a project steering committee was formed. After a lengthy evaluation and RFP process, UNM decided to replace IDEA with a tool called EvaluationKIT.

Key EvaluationKIT features:

  • Questions are drawn from a question bank or custom-developed by Colleges, Departments, or Instructors.
    • If UNM wants a question bank then it must populate it.
    • Faculty can add their own questions.
  • A survey can "layer" questions from multiple organizational levels.
  • Various questions types including open-ended with free text response.
  • No explicit tie to learning objectives nor inter-institutional norms.
  • Fully online system.
    • Hosted on vendor servers.
    • All functions accessed via a browser-based Web application.
    • Students complete surveys via Web browser or smartphone app.
    • Reports generated in PDF/Excel.
    • Surveys/results can be extracted for downstream analytics.

Owners and Sponsors of EvaluationKIT

Service Owner: UNM Provost and IT/Classroom Technologies

Service Sponsor: UNM Provost